Football Student Season Ticket Information

2015 Home Schedule
Sep. 7, 2015Ohio State8:00 PM
Sep. 12, 2015Furman3:30 PM
Oct. 3, 2015PittsburghTBA
Oct. 9, 2015NC State8:00 PM
Oct. 24, 2015DukeTBA
Nov. 21, 2015North CarolinaTBA
* - Atlantic Coast Conference game

Student Ticket Policy: Individuals that sell or attempt to sell a student ticket for profit are in violation of Virginia Tech Athletics' student ticket use guidelines. Individuals that are found in violation of this guideline are subject to loss of ticket privileges.

Students wishing to reserve a season ticket for the 2015 football season must apply online between 10:00 a.m., March 19 and 4 p.m., May 1, 2015. A purchased season ticket will replace the individual game ticket available through the regular student football ticket lottery.

Season ticket seats will be assigned in preferred locations and availability may be limited. Tickets are $72.00. Students wishing to sit together must utilize the group order procedure (See below). Students purchasing a season ticket will be permitted to purchase an unlimited number of companion tickets at the public season ticket price of $350.00 to be seated with the student ticket.

A student season ticket may only be used by a current Virginia Tech student and may not be converted to a public ticket.


Who is eligible to purchase student season tickets?
Any current full-time Virginia Tech student who will also be registered for the Fall Semester 2015 and students currently enrolled full-time in the Study Abroad, European Studies Center, and the Cooperative Education programs who will also be registered for the Fall Semester 2015. Part-time students are eligible if they pay the optional athletic fee in the Spring Semester and will be either enrolled full-time in the Fall Semester, or have paid the optional athletic fee for the Fall Semester. Fall Semester enrollment will be checked with the Registrar's Office. Graduating seniors should contact the Hokie Club at (540) 231-6618 for information regarding enrollment in the Hokie Club for future season ticket orders. Incoming freshman, and transfer students will be offered a chance to order during a separate process during the summer if tickets are still available.

How do I order a student season ticket?
To purchase a student football season ticket, you must complete the online process. If you've ordered student season tickets before, simply login with your email address and password. If not, click the link to register for 2015 Season Tickets. You will be asked for your student number and your PIN number to link to your online account. Your PIN number is simply your birth month and birth date with no hyphens or slashes. Once entered, you must verify the address information provided. When registration is complete you will have to log in using the email you specified during registration and the newly created password to place your order.

How much does a student football season ticket cost?
The cost of the student ticket is $72.00. A student season ticket will guarantee the same reserved seat for all home games. Eligible students may purchase an unlimited number of companion tickets for the public season ticket price of $350.00 plus handling fees. There are no refunds.

What happens if I don't order a student football season ticket?
Students not ordering student season tickets may register for tickets on a game by game basis during the regular student lottery. All lottery tickets are now distributed electronically. The lottery information, including sign-up dates will be posted later in the summer.

How is seating priority determined?
Seating will be assigned randomly in the preferred student seating areas.

What if I want to sit with my friends?

  1. Students that wish to sit together must be part of a Seating Group before submitting their order.
  2. One member of the group should use the "Create Group" link at the bottom of the ordering page. This "group leader" will be asked to assign the group a name and a password to be used by all the students that wish to be part of the group. The "group leader" must then enter the email addresses of all the students that should be invited to join the newly created group. Group leaders must remember to select the newly created group from the pull-down "Group Seating Preference" menu when ordering to be seated with their group.
  3. Each person that the "group leader" invites to join his/her group will be sent an email from the ticket office with the group name and password that they should use to join the Seating Group.
  4. The students invited to join the Seating Group should use the "Join Group" link to associate their order to the group. Each group member should then complete their application making sure to use the pull down window under "Group Seating Preferences" to select the correct Seating Group.
  5. If you wish to be part of a Seating Group you must join the group before you submit your application. There may be more than one Seating Group listed in the drop down menu. Make sure you select the correct group for the 2015 football season. Once the application has been submitted you will not be able to join or change your group assignment. Seating is limited to 30 students per group.

Can I give or sell my ticket to someone else if I can't make it to a game?
Student tickets are only to be used by current Virginia Tech students. It is perfectly acceptable to give your ticket to another student so they can attend the game. You may also sell your student ticket for up to the face value of the ticket. However, any sale, or attempt to sell of a student ticket for above face value is a violation of the Virginia Tech Student Ticket policy and warrants revocation of student ticket privileges.

How do I receive my student season ticket?
Student season tickets as well as student guest tickets will be delivered game by game electronically. Three days prior to each game, tickets will be posted at Each week student season ticket holders will receive an email notifying them that tickets are posted. At that point, you simply need to log on to the website referenced above using your university PID and password to print out your ticket. The season ticket holder should print out that ticket and bring it to the stadium on game day for admission to their seat. We do not have the ability to scan phones, tablets, or any other electronic version of your tickets. So it must be printed. Replacements will not be issued. There will be a $9.00 fee added to each order to cover the cost of electronic processing and electronic delivery.

More Information

To get more information or if you have a specific question call the Virginia Tech Athletic Ticket Office at 800-VA-TECH-4 or 540-231-6731.

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